Commercial & Industrial

At Precision Fence, LLC, our team has installed fencing on a variety of commercial and industrial fence applications, and we make sure to not only meet your technical and site requirements, but exceed your expectations in quality of work and project length. Contact us for a free estimate for your commercial fencing project today.

wood Privacy fencing

We offer only the best quality of cedar and cypress for your fencing needs, and wood is remains the best value for 6’ or 8’ privacy fencing. 

chain link fencing

We have both vinyl coated and galvanized steel commercial chan link fencing options. The standard for basic chain link is galvanized, while vinyl coated chain link, available in several colors, offers a more stylish result. 

ornamental fencing

Combining a classic aesthetic with durability, we can provide ornamental fencing for various security levels. Designed to withstand cutting tools and other forced entry devices, they are secured through rigid framework, specially formed rails and posts, and fastened with security bolts to ensure a safe perimeter. 

vinyl fencing

Our vinyl product lines meet the strict standards required in the industry and are constructed to last. They steadily provide a safe and secure perimeter fencing option for a multitude of applications. 

custom railing

We offer custom railing solutions for stairs, balconies, entryways, bleachers, and handicap accessible ramps in a variety of materials to suit your aesthetic and safety requirements. Get in touch for a free consultation for your project.